Select 1 paragraph from 1 assignment or discussion post you wrote during this course. You might choose something that relates to a writing skill you want to develop

. Provide that paragraph in the space below and include the assignment it is from.

Identify the writings intended audience, purpose, and the genre (form or type) you were creating. Explain how this selection represents your identity as a writer.
Enter your response here.

Using the paragraph you identified in question 7, complete 1 of the following:


    1. Revise and rewrite the paragraph to address and incorporate feedback you received. (If you need help with the revision, see the optional resources in the assignment description in Blackboard.)
    2. If you discover through this assignment that your work is proficient and you want to further challenge yourself, rewrite the paragraph to address a different audience and see how your language and style change as a result.
      Enter your revision here. Compare the paragraph you selected in question 7 to the revised paragraph you wrote in question 8. What did you consider as you made decisions about what to change or how to revise?
    3. Enter your response here .When your instructor shares feedback on this assignment,
    4. what would you find most valuable to help you strengthen your writing skills or craft? How do you believe your writing has changed throughout this course?
      Enter your response here.