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Create a presentation of 10- 15 slides or screens excluding the title and references.
. Your slides/ screen should include title, main ideas, bullets points, and relevant images, charts, graphs etc.
. In your presentation.
Describe an ethical situation, based on the chosen topic. That can get in the nurses way of practicing ethically.
. Describe the situation clearly and concisely.
.identify how this situation relates to one provision within the Code of Ethics for Nurses.
. Identify two ethical principles that may arise when facing this situation.
Discuss how a nurse might lessen the impact of the situation on the nurses practice.
.in addition to the course text. Cite and reference a minimum of (2) additional scholarly sources to support your work.
. Close with a summary of your topic, and APA formatted references slides.
THE Topic is Engaging in humiliating and stereotyping tactics.
This is due on Wednesday.