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Heading: Need for New Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas
1. Identify two reasons why a new psychiatric hospital is needed in Las Vegas (write minimum one
paragraph). Suggestion: Do a Google search for the homeless mentally ill in Las Vegas or
overcrowding in Las Vegas Emergency Rooms by mentally ill patients or underserved mentally ill
people in Las Vegas to decide why a new psychiatric hospital is needed. The source you find would be
considered a reference so include it on your References page. (write minimum one paragraph)
2. Identify where the new psychiatric hospital will be located in Las Vegas and explain rationale. (write
minimum one paragraph)
3. Describe three specific ways to decrease the anticipated anxiety and negativity of current residents in
that location in Las Vegas. See Boyd & Luebbert (7th ed.), Chapter 2, p. 15-16, Stigma; Chapter 9, p. 112.
(write minimum one paragraph)