Part A:
In your Initial Post of about 50-60 Words, discuss an infectious disease, treatment, lab technique, or other topic in microbiology that you would like to learn more about. If you have found any scientific sources for your topic, please list those as well (titles, URLs, etc).
Part B:
The balance of fluid and electrolytes can easily be altered. A few reasons electrolytes are lost include when taking diuretics, having a fever, having diarrhea, eating large quantities of carbohydrates, eating a high-protein diet, and eating a diet with excessive salt intake. Pick three of these reasons electrolytes are lost and identify what electrolytes are lost and how its corrected.
**2-3 paragraphs, 2-3 scholarly sources
Part C:
1. Discuss pathophysiology, signs and symptoms and intervention of: HIV, RSV and polio.
2. 5 NCLEX questions regarding infectious diseases. ABCD, no true or false, provide answers
**2-3 scholarly sources