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This should be a response to my classmates (Paul McCrawley) response. Pay attentions to by day 5. I will upload his discussion and the reading material from the week.
Discussion 8:
By Day 3, discuss a time when you personally dealt with an ethical dilemma. Identify what ethical principles were involved in this situation. In light of any new understandings that you learned during the course, discuss what you would have done differently, and/or what you would have done the same, and why. Include scholarly based literature and citations. Please use your required textbook and a minimum of two scholarly references. (BOTH from outside the textbook). By Day 5, please respond to at least two of your peers discussion posts. Your response should expand the discussion on the selected topic and carry the conversation forward. Compare and contrast how your sources compare to your peers original post. Use at least one additional scholarly reference. By Day 7, please reply to at least one of your peers responses to your original post (AND to my follow-on question if I posed one in response to your original post). If there were no responses to your original post, then you may respond to another of your peers original discussion posts.