Identifying Target Markets Assignment
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Background: As you have seen in the first two weeks of this class, the Marketing Mix (AKA the “Four P’s of Marketing”) plays a critical role in helping you develop a foundational understanding of the science and the art of effective Marketing. Those “Four P’s” are: Product, Promotion, Price and Place (Physical Distribution). This week’s writing assignment is primarily focused on marketing an online class. Please note that the first “P” (Product) includes Services.

Generally speaking, a Product is a tangible item that is put on the market for acquisition, attention, or consumption. Conversely, a Service tends to be intangible, which arises from the output of one or more individuals. Although it seems like the main distinction between the two concepts is founded on their tangibility, that is not always the case. In most cases Services are intangible, but products are note always tangible. Marketing an intangible Service versus a tangible Product poses a variety of challenges to the marketer. You have a commodity that you often can’t see or touch, so the customer can’t always be sure of what they are getting.

NOTE: If you haven’t already been doing so, please be sure to thoroughly review the provided weekly Readings and Resources before working on your papers and participating in the Discussion Boards.

Instructions: Develop a paper (on an MS Word Doc) in the APA Format that is at least two full and no more than four full double-spaced pages – not including your Cover Page and Reference Page. You do not need to include an Abstract page. You need to provide at least three references and you may use the course text as one of your references.

For assistance with APA format, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab and/or the Student Success Center.
For this assignment you will be marketing an online class. Based on your experience as a WU student, this is something you are all familiar with!

Step One Choose the type of class you will be marketing. It doesnt necessarily have to be an academic course in a degree program, you may also choose to do an online class for cake decorating or learning how to paint. Have fun with this exercise.
Step Two – Choose your target market and discuss how you will highlight the Service’s characteristics. Remember you are marketing a Service so you need to highlight the value that you bring and how your course is better than anyone else’s.
Step Three – Click on the link (Links to an external site.)and use that as a great resource for finding demographic information.
Choose a city/area in the United States where you will market your course and provide key demographic information for the area.
Here are some examples of specific demographic information that may be relevant to marketing on online course:
Ethnic Diversity
What other demographic information do you think would be an appropriate consideration for your offering?
Explain why you chose the area you did to market your course.
What information did you find from (Links to an external site.) that will justify choosing that city/area as a potentially lucrative market?