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1. Your salesperson has researched a large amount of relationship information on you (see Sections I and II). Much of it was received from a friend
of yours, Linn Compiano Training Manager at Acme Supply. Some of this information is not really important to you, or you dont enjoy talking about it
(see Section III).
a. When your salesperson bring ups a topic you dont want to talk about (see Section III), respond by saying as a matter of fact, thats right, yes,
I am, etc. Do not elaborate.
c. Share only one item at a time from Section II, and let the salesperson acknowledge that item. If the salesperson doesnt acknowledge what you
have shared, do not offer any more information on that topic. If the salesperson does acknowledge what you have said, make a check mark next
to the item and share another item. Continue until your salesperson has discussed all three topics you want to talk about.
2. Because you are in charge of setting up meetings for large groups, your salesperson will introduce you to the convention center and ask if you
are planning any future meetings. Keep any material your salesperson gives you.
3. Tell you salesperson that at the present time you are not planning any conventions, but he/she may want to call you back in the next 30 days.
End the call with a Thank you, Ive enjoyed speaking with you.
4. If your salesperson requests another meeting with you, confirm a time, three weeks from today.