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When Raymond Gates met Marina Lonina and her friend at a local mall in Columbus, Ohio, the 29-year-old purchased the two teens vodka and suggested they meet the next day. The teens came Raymonds house. He allegedly held Loninas friend down and raped her on a bed. Lonina, who is 18, pulled out her phone and proceeded to live-stream the incident on Periscope rather than call 9-1-1. When confronted by the police, Raymond argued that the sex was consensual.
First, watch Raymonds video interview (LINKED IN MESSAGES)
Then watch Good Guy Rapist (LINKED IN MESSAGES)
Answer the questions: (1) Based on what you have learned in class about the definition of rape, do you think that Raymond committed rape. If you do NOT think Raymond committed rape, explain why? If you think he committed a rape, using the research, explain why? (2) Does he fit within any of the rapist types that we discussed in this lecture (e.g., power rapist, sadistic rapist)? Explain why you think he demonstrated elements of this type of rapist.
For points, in your discussion post: