Reading Fluency Scenario
Paper details:
Assessment Results

How many words does he read by the one-minute mark? (be careful to notice when he started reading) Note: The dog’s name, Poo-Poo, is considered one word.

Please list each reading error you caught. Self-corrections are not counted as errors (do not reduce his WPM). Using the 1-minute measure, what is his WCPM?

Assume he is a second grader and this reading occurs in the spring. Explain how he compares to the Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) national norms, and what are you thoughts about this? In your explanation, please include what percentile he is closest to.

Listen again to the first minute of the child’s reading using the Prosody rating scale posted above. How would you rate his performance? Be sure to refer to the rating scale and use that language to support your analysis.

Results Interpretation

Based on the information you have about his accuracy, rate, and prosody, provide your overall evaluation of his reading fluency. Cite a Mississippi 2nd grade standard for reading fluency and state whether he exceeds, meets, or approaches the standard and then back up your claim with specifics from your results.

Recommended Instruction

If you were this child’s teacher, which of the three components of reading fluency would you address right now? Using our class resources, what classroom activities or instructional approaches would you build into this child’s individual reading fluency plan?