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Sensation/Perception and Development / CLASSMATE BRADEN DISCUSSION POST BELOW:
1. Illustrate sensation and perception in individual experience from a psychological perspective, giving explicit definitions and examples.
HIS REPLY: The sensation that I will illustrate is chewing Tabaco. With the many people that I have spoke to, we can all agree that when you put a dip in it creates a sensation in your body. That sensation is the nicotine hitting your blood stream. In out textbook it says Sensation is the immediate response of our senses to sensory stimulation (Lefrancois, Ch3.1)
When it comes to perception, our textbook lines that perception is the brain interpreting the signals it receives and it lets us know. (Lefrancois, Ch3.1) An example of perception is the smell of gas/diesel. When that smell hits your nose your brain will either tell you that it smells good or it smells gross.
2. Interpret the impact that different environments might have on various aspects of development including (but not limited to)
HIS REPLY: Different environments have a huge impact on development. Say someone grows up down south and never gets to experience what snow is like in the North. There whole life they are not going to be prepared for a time that they may face the snow. On the other hand someone who grows up in the North their whole life will never get an experience with hurricanes. When that individual is faced with a hurricane they will have no idea or concept on how to handle that event.
3. Nutrition and physical development
HIS REPLY: In regards to nutrition people in all over the world eat different things. Children in Afghanistan are in 100 degree heat and rarely drink water. That is because there bodies have evolved to not need that water. With that they may not grow to be as tall or strong because they lack that ingredient.
4. Childcare arrangements and social development
HIS REPLY: Some children that live in the inner cities may not receive the same childcare is some children that live in the suburbs or the country. That is because their parents are fighting for jobs and working hard to provide an income and may not be able to afford childcare. While on the other hand, kids that grow up in the country tend to have a stay at home mother and get all the childcare. They all have positive and negative affects on that individuals future.
5. Analyze the relationship between perception and development.
In other words, why do we see such great variation in thoughts, feelings, and actions when biological structures are so similar?
HIS REPLY: The relationship with perception and development is on going every day. Our brain perceives things and it continues to develop new thoughts, excuses, and reasons. Even if they are similar, they are still very different between all people.
How might damage to different parts of the brain impact various processes related to sensation and perception?
Can you offer additional examples of social or cultural differences in childrearing that might impact outcomes?
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