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Imagine what someone who disagrees with you will say.

The purpose of this essay is for you to have a chance to meaningfully respond to one of the positions we have discussed over the course of the semester. In this paper I am asking you first to demonstrate your understanding of a position, reconstruct an argument for that position, and then finally analyze that argument. You will write a minimum 1000 word (Times New Roman 12pt Font Double Spaced) long paper that is a deep analysis of one of the arguments considered in the course [Do NOT create your own topic]. In your essay you will: 1) Introduce the Topic: The introduction should introduce the reader to what is at stake whether you do or do not accept cultural relativism.

This is not the same as a summary, there should be NO summary in this paper. 2) State your thesis: Explicitly make clear what position you are arguing for or against 3) Reconstruct the Argument: Put the argument in proper premise and conclusion form. Make sure it accurately captures how the argument works. If you fail here it will be hard to do well on the remaining assessments. 4) Assess the Validity: Do not just say the premises lead to the conclusion. Explicitly say what about the premises make it such that if they are true then the conclusion must follow. 5) Assess the Soundness: Explicitly say why it is the premises are true or false. This is the bulk of the assignment. Give reasons as to why someone should also be convinced that these premises are true or false. It is not enough to say they are true. Imagine you are explaining it to someone who has no idea about the relevant discussion, and you are introducing a new concept to them. Take nothing for granted and make no assumptions. Everything that is said must be defended with reason. 6) Consider an Objection: Imagine what someone who disagrees with you will say. Give this objection and respond to it. Say why the objection raised does not defeat the argument.

Do not give an objection that is easily refuted. 7) Conclusion: Here you will sum up your work. Remind the reader of the conclusions you have drawn and the reasoning you used to get there. May 12th will be when your full final paper is due. Useful Resources https://philosophy.fas.harvard.edu/files/phildept/files/brief_guide_to_writing_philo sophy_paper.pdf https://www.sfu.ca/philosophy/resour