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Imagine you are a travel planner in California and you want to create an infographic about a travel abroad opportunity for your clients. Choose a country to advertise. Research the countrys cultural patterns and norms. Create an infographic that covers the behaviors and cultural norms travelers can expect to encounter (for example, mid-afternoon tea in the UK). Highlight any behaviors those in the foreign country might find strange about Californians, and any behaviors Californians should be prepared to encounter that they may find strange.

Your infographic should have at least four images or illustrations, and a minimum of 400 words to describe the countrys culture and social norms. Feel free to use your creativity and please use your own words. You can find examples of similar travel infographics here:
You can use images from a general Google Image search, but be sure to cite them using APA 7 format. Use images that are acceptable in a professional setting; if you would not show them to your boss or co-workers, please dont use them in your coursework.