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impact of Cyber Security in Organizations: An Annotated Bibliography
Paper details:
the teacher graded it as a F. Teacher feed back: This seems to have good source material, yet there are serious formatting errors. Further, it appears that you only have 17 sources.

Most problematic is the fact that this is out-of-order. This is a critical error that I mentioned specifically in the assignment.

Second, you failed to highlight the peer-reviewed sources. Eight were required at minimum.

Least problematic is the fact that you have a source split over two pages. You may not have known this. You can split an annotation over two pages, but not the reference itself.

Finally, you have included an introduction. Look at the sample and pattern your work after that.

Not meeting the minimum required references and having the references out-of-order would each have been cause for failure in-and-of-themselves.

Pleas follow exactly the instruction of the teacher feed back.