How do you assess the impact of industrialization on the modern world?

We all know that industrialization has both a positive and a negative side. It is therefore not enough to describe them respectively or focus on one side and ignore the other. You have to address both sides, finding a compelling way to emphasize one side over the other. You can take a middle position, but it may reveal that you are not sure about the question. Whatever the case, you should try to convince those who disagree with you. You will be less convincing if you indulge yourself in your own view.

Note that you should write an analytical paper driven by a contested claim, not a descriptive one filled with information only. You should organize information logically around a thesis or focused point.

It should be about three pages long, double-spaced, with a standard-size font (12-point, Times New Roman) and with one-inch margins on all sides. No cover page is needed.