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Please Answer the following questions:

1-How does the OD consultant prepare for the first meeting?

2-The case describes in detail the discussions between the consultant and Denton which were meant to
clarify the organization issues. In what ways were these discussions effective or ineffective for the
OD practitioner?

Are there other questions that might have been asked to clarify organizational

3. The case describes how the consultant and Denton determined future consulting activities. In this
contracting phase, have students discuss how mutual expectations, time and resources and ground
rules were determined for the project. How would they have done it differently?

4. In this case, the OD consultant brings up the issue of trust with regard to retreat design. Why is this
important and what impact will it have on retreat planning and implementation?

5. Why do you think Denton agreed so quickly to holding a retreat? What implications might this have
regarding the intervention and addressing the real issues of Kenworth Motors?