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 Include at least one quotation exemplifying the author’s use of a specific Logical Fallacy.

 Include at least one quotation exemplifying the author’s use of a specific Logical Fallacy. Every discussion of a logical fallacy must include a specific quotation exemplifying it. Put quotations early in your answer and analyze heavily. Include an explanation of how this use of Logical Fallacy compromises the overall argument. Include what the argument actually is. For example, “Even though he tries very hard to be neutral, Julian Baggini’s Western bias comes through loud and clear as he weakly tries to support his argument that The YDMF is wrong through a False Analogy fallacy. Include how this use of the Logical Fallacy affects the reader and compromises the argument. Remember, the success of an argument truly happens within the listener/reader. If the reader uses their critical thinking skills and finds faults in the logic, then the argument can’t be successful. How does the example you have chosen make the reader more likely to be skeptical of the argument? What makes this example fit the definition for the Logical Fallacy? Show you know your stuff! What exact words in the quotation are the most problematic? Why? Where exactly does the logic break down? What reality or other possibilities does the example/author ignore? Why is that a problem?

What is unfair or unreasonable about this example? Why? How is the author attempting to manipulate the reader? How might a deep-thinking reader respond to this attempt at manipulation? How would this, ultimately, weaken the argument? How could this example be improved? What changes could be made to transform the Logical Fallacy into a Mode of Persuasion? consist of four separate answers. Remember, each answer is scored separately for up to 10 points, so balance your development across the four answers for a total of no fewer than 800 words. do not type the question, but number your answers 1-4 so I can easily see four separate answers include at least one quotation from each reading in the YDMF articles (except the encyclopedia piece) across the four answers. In other words, each article should get some specific attention in the form of close analysis of a quotation in your assignment. make it clear that you spent ample time reviewing the Logical Fallacies slide show in this week’s module. Logical Fallacies are the most important topic you are focusing on this week.