Use Standard Style for Printed Documents and correct memo format (10 pts)

Incorporate informative, parallel headings that “tell the story” of what follows in the text (10 pts)

Incorporate one concrete image as a way of motivating your readers to adopt your suggestions (10 pts)

Motivate a specific action in the closing, with a clear path for compliance. (10 pts)

Address any problems with Red or Orange Level Strategies mentioned in the feedback on Revision Part 1 (5 pts)

Correct any problems with overall professionalism, including grammatical, mechanical, stylistic, or clarity errors (Many of them have been marked for you, but please don’t rely solely on these comments.) (5 pts)

The WA1 Final Revision will be graded independently from your Writing Assignment 1 and previous revision; the checklist above will be used as the rubric. As such, a high grade on either of those assignments does not guarantee a high grade on this Revision. Because you’re being asked to apply new strategies here, your Revision should be a noticeable improvement over your last draft. Attempts to pass off a previous draft as a revision will receive a zero.