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Independent Reading Project The Devil in the White City

For this assignment, you’ll analyze the rhetorical choices made by the author of your independent reading book, using the Jolliffe model or Tim Freitas model as a guide.  Your essay should explain how the author achieves his or her rhetorical goal. In a rhetorical analysis essay of at least two full pages, explain how your chosen book’s author understands their rhetorical situation, makes appeals to the reader, considers the

organization, structure, or form of the book, and uses surface features to help them achieve their rhetorical goal.  To do this, write about one aspect of each of the following portions of the Jolliffe model for rhetorical analysis, even if you structure your essay according to the Freitas templates (these should be the subtopics of your essay): 

Rhetorical Situation (audience, purpose, or exigence) Appeals (pathos, ethos, logos) Organization, Structure, or Form (how did the author shape the text, or provide order to the text as a whole) Surface Features (diction, syntax, imagery, figurative language) Your essay should include a Works Cited page with an entry for your chosen book (but no other sources).  The Works Cited page does not count toward the two-page minimum.  Additionally, MLA-style parenthetical references should appear when appropriate.