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Individual Statement

My project brief is: Could PTW suggest some content for this section? For example, a couple of sentences that establish the context for the urban landscape that we find ourselves inhabiting today? Perhaps we can include some information that is Sydney-specific?

This project invites students to identify the human needs that will drive urban development and find areas ripe for change – empty car parks, abandoned office buildings, redundant industrial areas, disused land – proposing how these environments can be transformed to contribute to the sustainable cities of the future.  My background is primarily in Finance and Marketing. The main models (artifact) that I learned in Finance are CAPM, DCF, and minimizing risk (making the portfolio more diverse). The models that I learned in Marketing are SWOT.

Please feel free to use another model to present an artifact if you like. I would describe my ways of thinking in a more science discipline approach by using one of the models and following the steps carefully. What I think of the world is everything happens in an orderly. If anything occurs unexpectedly, things will eventually be back on track.

Please use the scientific discipline and extend to any field of study (words ending with “ology”, and connect this with how the way of thinking, and my major background could contribute to the sustainable living project. Please feel free to look at the examples which are the high-quality writings provided by the professor. Please use at least one of the references I gave. Please do not plagiarize anything I gave, thank you so much!