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Industry Report on the Utilities Sector
Paper details:
Below are the instructions for the paper and the document attached is an “A” sample of a report for a different industry.

Portfolio analysts and equity research professionals are asked continuously to draft industry reports for
their assigned industries. This helps analysts and their teams stay on track of industry developments and
major catalysts for those industries.
Before analyzing individual companies, analysts must become experts in their industries of coverage,
and they must be able to identify the relevant financial performance metrics for the industry. This
exercise serves as practice for analysts to perform research and to derive their own conclusions backed
by that research.
We need to answer the questions:
What are the industry dynamics? Drivers? Risks?
How does the competitive landscape of my industry look?
What benchmarks should I be tracking for this industry?
What are the major catalysts for the industry?
What can we expect from the industry in the next 12 months?
How is the Haley Large Cap fund weighted against the Russell 1000 in this industry? Is the
current weighting in line with my own bullish or bearish expectations for the industry?