1. Your essay must be 2-3 pages in length
  2. Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-font, 1-inch margins.
  3. Log into Grammarly and subscribe to the free student account. This free resource will help you resolve potential problems with your paper.
  4. Do NOT use an encyclopedia!
  5. Acceptable Resources: YOUR personal notes from the video, minimally two historic articles from the Library of Congress website  and a minimum of two scholarly books, journal articles, official websites (e.g. .gov or .edu), or recent newspaper articles.
  6. If you quote/glean concepts from another source, you must credit the authors/site. So, you must include use quotation marks for those statements, and your final page (not included in the page count) must be a Bibliography. The following sources will be beneficial for you:
    1. Citation Engine link: 
    2. Citation for the documentary: “Influenza 1918.” Pbs.Org. Accessed the date that you watched the documentary
  7. Upload your document into the appropriate folder under the Assignment tab.
  8. You must have a thesis statement, which must be the last or next to the last sentence in the first paragraph.