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Exercises in Formal Writing: Narrative and Descriptive Essays

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Discover writing as a process.
  • Prepare a short narrative essay using formal writing skills.
  • Prepare a short descriptive essay using formal writing skills.
  • Relate how writing and idea organization is important for the workplace and your career.
  • Discover where to seek help with student-related and other issues.

Course Outcome:

IT513-1: Illustrate information technology ideas with professional language and attribution.


This assignment will provide your professor with a basis to evaluate your formal writing abilities as well as your aptitude in organizing ideas. Complete the Unit 1 Reading before beginning work.

Assignment Instructions and Requirements

Use the provided Word document template. Download this to your computer, fill it in, make sure your content input has been saved when you are done, and then submit to the Dropbox. Do not copy and paste the template content into a new document; use it “as is.” Assignments submitted without the use of the template as described here will not be graded. Note that APA document formatting will not be applied until the Unit 3 summary paper.

For all parts of this assignment:

  • Follow the rules for formal writing style as explained in the Take-Away PDF.
  • Do not research; write from your current knowledge and use critical thinking skills and observation.
  • Do not use first person (I, me, my, myself, we, us, or our).

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