Institutional Racism/Systemic Racism-Reparations for all affected by the system
Paper details:
This assignment is to be a topic proposal. I have uploaded what I have started but I need an strong intro paragraph or two and a really strong thesis. I have highlighted in red what I came up with for a thesis.
I am to research/write about a social issue that I of substantial concern right now by 1. explaining the issue and its component parts 2. arguing for its urgency and 3. suggesting a policy or institutional change that could ameliorate its effects.
The paper is to be modeled after “The Case for Reparations,”
which could be translated into:
1. Issue/Social Problem+lingering socioeconomic impact of racism not just on Black Americans but all American regardless of race specifically in the sector of opportunity gaps and poverty.
***My goal in this paper is to not preach to the choir but to anticipate counterarguments from and opposing audience, acknowledge those concerns, and effectively refute the opposition with varied evidence of my claim, and effectively engage with opposing views respectfully.My tone, word choice, use of key terms (I included in my uploaded file) and rhetorical choices should reflect the above expectation.
**The claim/thesis statement should arrive at the end of my introduction paragraph.
** Topic sentences should indicate the objective of each body paragraph and should be linked to the thesis statement in some way
** This paper should make use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.