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Interactive Mindfulness Activity and Reflection: Mindful Walking

Search the internet for instructions or techniques for mindful walking or walking meditation. Try three out of the four 5-10 minute mindful walking sessions, following the instructions you discovered from your internet search.
Here are two suggested articles with instructions provided by my professor:
1.  Boyce, B. (2013, April 3). Walk this way. Retrieved from https://www.mindful.org/walk-this-way/ 
2.  Brady, A. (2015, August 28). Mindful Walking Practice: How to Get Started. Retrieved from 
Here are additional techniques I found in the internet:
3. Bertin, M. (2020, May 26). A daily mindful walking practice. Retrieved from 
4.  Sutton, J. (2021, January 14). What is mindful walking meditation, and how can it impact your life? Retrieved from 
Create a detailed journal entry to reflect on the following key areas:
Describe your experience with mindful walking.
How did this activity differ from The Raisin Exercise or The Three-Minute Breathing Space in terms of your focus and 
emotional regulation? (Both of these activities/exercises are attached so that you can compare and see the difference)
Is this something you could imagine using again? Explain why or why not.
What benefits might exist by incorporating an exercise such as mindful walking at an organizational level?