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Consider the communication competencies : interpretive competence, role competence, self competence, goal competence, and message competence. Message competence is broken down further into verbal competence, nonverbal competence, and listening. 

Select a Disney film

that has a scene (or the film as a whole) which you believe demonstrates the ONE competency you have chosen.

In 2-4 pages, demonstrate

your command of the theory through your application to the film. Begin your paper by summarizing the competency, briefly providing an

overview of the film (no more than 1 paragraph), and then providing an in-depth analysis of the scene from the perspective of the competency you have chosen.

Answer the following questions in your reflection:

  1. How does the theory or concept explain what is happening in this scene?
  2. Does this concept provide us with a deeper understanding of what is happening in this scene?
  3. What are ways in which the characters demonstrate (or do not demonstrate) interpersonal communication competence?

Your paper must be in APA format and include references to at least the textbook Trenholm,S. & Jensen, A. (2013). Interpersonal communication (7th ed.). Oxford University Press.and the Disney film itself