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. Your name, movie watched, and characters in the movie.
2. What do the characters actions and dialogue say about their self-concepts and
perceptions of themselves and others? Are the characters in the film a model for
us to follow?
3. How do these factor into their interactions with others?
4. Do they make these interactions successfully or unsuccessfully?
5. What does what they say to each other reveal about themselves and their
6. How do their listening skills (or lack thereof) affect any or all of the above?
7. Do the characters demonstrate the result of particular attachment styles or identity
8. Do they demonstrate the self-fulfilling prophecy?
9. Do they make changes in these behaviors from the beginning of the film to the end?
10. What did you learn from observing these characters?
11. How did their characters use of language and non-verbal communication affect
their character?
12. Discuss any other aspects that strike you as having a connection to interpersonal
communication (i.e., I-Thou communication, ethnocentrism, dual perspective,
13. Ensure that proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are used.
14. Include a bibliography that includes sources to support your thoughts about
interpersonal communication within the movieone source in addition to the
book and the movie. Use either APA or MLA styles in your bibliography.