This week will focus on Interprofessional Education (IPE). For this assignment, you will write a proposal to offer an interprofessional education class at the college where you are a nursing faculty member. This one-day interprofessional learning activity is for a group of nursing and allied health students from:

• Nursing

• Radiological Technology

• EMS/Paramedic


Write this as a proposal where you are seeking buy-in from the Division Dean and the Program Directors. Consider that you will need to briefly educate the readers about IPE.  Do not use a topic you have used in any previous classes.


Address the following in your proposal:


• What is the educational need you plan to address with your learning activity?  Decreasing the amount of time it takes to treat stroke patient brought in by EMS

• Describe the participants and your reason for selecting those groups? Nurse assist in treating, EMS brings patient in, radiology completes the CT

• Why is IPE the best approach for this educational need?

• What best practices of IPE education do you wish to incorporate (discuss at least two)?

• Which IPE model will you use and why? (use your book or one of the articles).

• Will you design this at the exposure, immersion, or master level (see textbook)?

• Write 3 learning objectives for the program (1 cognitive, 1 psychomotor, 1 affective). Identify the Blooms taxonomy level for each.

• Provide a brief agenda of the day’s activities by hour and topic/activity.

• Explain in some detail the specific teaching/learning activities you will incorporate throughout the day.

• Explain how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the learning activity?


Provide your rational for each item with supporting documentation from your resources.


Resources: You must include at least four references (can include your textbook and the provided articles).  Two additional scholarly resources from nursing journals must also be used.