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Referencing the assigned readings and using TWO of the articles as in-text references, your task is to write an essay between 4 -5 pages. NO other outside sources are to be used.

You are required to show your abilities to summarize and integrate multiple essays with the purpose of connecting the major points of the essays to your own experiences with language. In this chapter, we read six articles by authors who discover the power of language in one form or another.
For example, Malcolm X describes, in his essay Homemade Education, how his lack of understanding of many words found in books made him feel frustrated and how learning them empowered him by opening a new world for him.

In her essay Spanish Lessons, Christine Marin discusses how she came to find many of her voices, both Spanish and English, how they contributed to the formation of self and identity, and how she learned the different power of both languages.

You will:

Introduce, integrate and summarize the main ideas of at least two articles in your FIRST introductory paragraph that leads to your THESIS, which will be about how YOUR experience and the authors’ experiences relate (no other outside sources are used).
DO NOT just have entire chunks of the essay as summary; it must integrated with your own experience.
Compare them with your own language experience, integrating references to the articles/authors INTO your ideas and thoughts using paraphrasing and quoting; be sure to correctly cite ALL references to the articles/authors using MLA in-text citations.
DO NOT use large, block quotes; use short or even partial quotes or paraphrasing instead.
What are the similarities and differences between their experiences and yours?
In order to complete the assignment successfully, you must summarize your chosen essays precisely and make clear connections between the authors experiences and your own, providing sufficient, relevant details.
use Homemade Education, by Malcolm X and Spanish Lessons, by Christine Marin as references
Formatting Essays in MLA Style:
The formatting should be a 12 point legible font – Arial preferred.

Indent five spaces for each new paragraph, but do not put extra spaces between paragraphs.

Double-space the header area: your name, etc. in the upper left corner of only the first page (don’t put your name on every page):

Your Name

English 1A

Prof. Ziff


Language Perspective Essay

The Informative TITLE Goes in the Center of the Page

Capitalized Correctly, with the Same Size Font and neither Bold nor Underlined.