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Involve genetic modification of human tissue, or use of genetically modified organisms classified as Class One activities?[ Email S[email protected]  for further information. (2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

Involve genetic modification of human tissue, or use of genetically modified organisms above Class One activities?[].

Collect, use or store any human tissue or DNA (including but not limited to, serum, plasma, organs, saliva, urine, hair and nails)?(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

[ For any research involving human material you must contact AR[email protected] for further guidance on how to proceed.]  (2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

Involve medical research with humans, including clinical trials or medical devices?

Involve the administration of drugs, placebos or other substances (e.g. food, vitamins) to humans?(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

Cause (or have the potential to cause) pain, physical or psychological harm or negative consequences to humans?

Involve human participants?

Utilise data that is not publicly available?(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

Create a risk that individuals and/or organisations could be identified in the outputs?

Involve participants whose responses could be influenced by your relationship with them or by any perceived, or real, conflicts of interest?

Involve the co-operation of a ‘gatekeeper’ to gain access to participants?(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

Offer financial or other forms of incentives to participants?

Involve the possibility that any incidental health issues relating to participants could be identified?

Involve the discussion of topics that participants may find distressing?

Take place outside of the country where you work and/or are enrolled to study?

Cause a negative impact on the environment (over and above that of normal daily activity)?(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)