IOT vulnerabilities manual
Paper details:
Project plan a detailed plan that includes resources needed, costs, plan deliverables. Basic information about scope, risks and testing should also be included in the plan, with a timeline.

Scope document what items are in scope, and where is the out of scope boundary? What items will be intentionally left out of the project/not included?

Risks document- what could happen that could delay or change the project? List a few risks, and the best mitigation for each risk

Testing Plan- Every project requires testing. A testing plan should include who will do the testing, what will be tested, the method of testing, and how discovered issues will be handled. Look at your risks document for possible test scenarios.

Testing Report- This is a report on the testing that took place: how it was tested, results of testing including retesting after issues were discovered and fixed.

Lessons Learned As you progressed through your project, you will undoubtedly learn things you didnt know before. You may run into unexpected issues, or just learn something about the process. Dont just list the lessons give an explanation about them, and what you might do differently next time.