Is EBM considered the ‘gold standard’ of healthcare practice in Australia today? Is it used to decide what is safe and effective treatment? Is there any evidence of this (reference it)? Does this dominant healthcare group influence what healthcare knowledge is considered legitimate in the wider community? (suggested word count 250 words) Paragraph four Implications: A Place Within Healthcare Where is naturopathic medicine’s place within contemporary healthcare? Create a philosophically based argument that considers naturopathic/patient values (holistic, individualised etc.) and medical values (EBM as the ‘gold standard’). Are naturopaths meeting the values of the clients that come to see them? Are they doing so in a safe and effective way? Who decides what is safe and effective? Are there any concerns with healthcare policy that is centered on EBM as the only form of legitimate clinical evidence? Consider any research highlighting issues with the dominant healthcare service model pushing their beliefs and values as the only legitimate one that all others must be measured against.