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Is it easy to navigate?

 This 1,500 word assignment requires you to find and evaluate one web site that is directly related to one of the weekly topics we’ve either discussed directly in our discussions, or read about in required course material. The web site must be freely accessible to the public. It should relate clearly to the course materials we’ve been covering. It should NOT be a Bible translation data base like BibleGateway or BibleHub. Using the specific guidelines and questions found in this web site (http://help.library.ubc.ca/researching/evaluating-internet-sources) – be sure to carefully and adequately address each of these required area. NOTE: You are evaluating the site in its entirety, not a single article on the site, though you may certainly refer to such articles in support of your discussion. PART I: CONTENT a. Authority or Source b. Accuracy c. Currency d. Objectivity e. Coverage PART II: USABILITY (DESIGN) In addition to the five areas above critiquing content, do not neglect consider the website’s design. This involves the organization of content, ease of navigation, rhetorical strategy, visual appeal etc. Is it easy to navigate?

Can you find the information you’re looking for despite also needing to learn from the site? Are you led to important new information in ways that keep you clicking and keep you reading? Why? Consult these author guidelines as a way to think about design further and to comment on the site you’ve selected to review. Refer to this Website (https://www.straightnorth.com/insights/5-ways-evaluate-quality-your-website-design/). NOTE: All conclusions/opinions must be supported and documented with relevant and appropriate evidence and/or examples from the site. You may also find it useful to reference secondary sources as benchmarks for the areas you’re examining. Be sure that the web site is directly related to the specific weekly content of this course. Do not review a Bible database which simply provides Bible translations. Select a sight that enables you to learn more about a topic we’ve examined in class. You will share your working draft of this paper in the Week #8 discussion with your classmates, as well as submit a final copy here by the due date listed below.