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Talk about a movie called iRobot

Questions Choose One Question to Respond to and Make your Argument:

1. Is the film iRobot a good example of a science fiction film, action film, drama, or hybrid genre worth watching? Why?

2. Does the film iRobot successfully educate the audience about the dangers of technology and AI or is the film simply entertainment without educational value?

Instructions/Context: Establishing Evaluative Criteria (Focused Perspectives) from which to analyze the film 1)Acting. 2)Cinema Photography. 3)Special Effects. 4)Storyline and Plot. 5)Dialogue. 6)Elements/characteristics of a genre.

Read two professional reviews (one positive and one negative)

Respond to the review that makes a counter argument to your own argument.
Integrate ideas, perspectives, and analysis from both reviews into your essay to help you support yourclaim/argument.
Write your essay to be read by a general Middle East audience.
Negative Reviews from here: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/sisterrosemovies/200…
Positive Reviews from here: https://www.timeout.com/movies/i-robot
Students are required to integrate at least two sources in each of the essays body paragraphs using correct APA style quotations and paraphrases where appropriate