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Is the human mind only physical?
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How this essay will be graded

Clearly, there are many answers to this question as you have discovered over the last weeks. But for the purposes of this course, your answer is less important than demonstrating (1) that you understand and can accurately describe the philosophical problem, including coherently addressing counterarguments to your position (2) that you can break down the philosophical problem into relevant parts and connect these parts coherently, and (3) that you can integrate relevant ideas and arguments from the course readings into a cohesive position. In other words, your grade for this essay will depend on how well you do analytical philosophy, and not whether you think you got the right answer.

Structure your essay like any other college essay, with an introduction that outlines your position and an argumentative thesis statement, a body consisting of three or four sections discussing the arguments and counterarguments that favor and don’t favor your position, then a conclusion that summarizes your position and offers a larger context for the issue. In addition, at the beginning of your essay in the introduction, spend at least a paragraph defining the key technical/philosophical terms that you will be using in your essay. Assume your reader is new to the question and to the philosophical issue.

Your essay should have the following basic structure:

1. Introduction

Describe the philosophical problem as accurately as possible
Include a clear argumentative thesis statement
Define key technical/philosophical terms that you will use in the essay
2. Body

Demonstrate in an organized fashion the strength/validity of each the arguments that favor your view
Address in an organized fashion each of the counter arguments that dont favor your view
3. Conclusion

Summarize your position and why the arguments favor your view
Offer a larger context in which your position is helpful to understand
Remember to use analogies, metaphors, examples, and other tools of reasoning in order to explain what you mean. Cite only the readings or supplemental resources provided in this course for weeks 3-6. No external internet resources are allowed that are not part of the required reading lists or supplemental resources. You may use your conclusions from the Week 4 Aristotle and Descartes Textual Analysis assignment.

Three Key Expectations of the Mind-Body Essay Assignment:

Present the philosophical problem accurately and precisely; address counterarguments seriously.
Break down the problem into relevant parts
Integrate relevant ideas and arguments from the course resources coherently