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  1. The following data represent the numbers of Internet users per 100 people and numbers of Nobel Laureates per 10 million people for different countries.

Table 2 – Number of Internet Users and Nobel Laureates

Internet Users 79.5 79.6 56.8 67.6 77.9 38.3
Nobel Laureates 5.5 9.0 3.3 1.7 10.8 0.1


  1. Find the linear correlation coefficient by hand.  Use the table below to guide you.

Table 3 – Guided Correlation Calculation



Finish the calculation here:


  1. Find and interpret the linear correlation coefficient using your calculator.



  1. Find and interpret the coefficient of determination.


  1. Is there sufficient evidence to support a claim that there is a linear correlation between the number of internet users and the number of Nobel Laureates? Why does your result make sense?