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“In this essay, youll be constructing an evaluation argument that utilizes elements of a definitionargument to both structure and organize your essay, and as a crucial            strategy to persuade your readers toaccept your position. All evaluation arguments    utilize some sort of a definition, and well begin ourwork here by attempting to define a reliable research source. Then youll use the definition you deviseto move forward   and fully develop your evaluation argument concerning one specific source of 


You have a huge variety of topics to choose from for this essay. In fact, the topic  for this essay is anyelectronic or web-based source of information you choose, but one that would not be considered atraditional academic source. Possibilities abound: websites, radio programs, open-source web projectsof all kinds, TV, social media, and many more. (Note: your topic cannot be Wikipedia or Encyclopediaof the Earth.)         However, be careful to choose a source as your topic that you truly believe has valueas a legitimate, reliable research source. This assignment asks you to make an argumentativeassertion about how or why the specific source you choose should be              considered a reliable researchsource. You will then construct your own evaluation      argument utilizing elements of the definition youcrafted in order to structure your essay and persuade your reader.”