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IT Concepts to Business Decisions

 Written Assignment 5 Read Chapter 6 – Due 10/23 Chapter 6 Critical Thinking Questions #1, #2, #8, #13 and (if you have a different version of the textbook, please choose any questions) Chapter 7 Apply IT Concepts to Business Decisions #4 (updated 10/13, #1 link is not working) Four pages (no include the cover and reference pages) are a target length for this document (1.5 lines spaced). Please use a formal formatting following the sample from Module 1, Assignment #1 or better. There are a total of 20 points for Written Assignment 5. Grading rubrics for this assignment: Criterion Points Quality and Depth of Analysis 14 Quality of Presentation: Completeness Organization Clear and concise writing Proper referencing (internal and external)* Grammatical/typographical errors Appropriate length Effective presentation of information Timeliness of submission * You must use chapter references and external references to strengthen your arguments. 6