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Design an application with the purpose of selling concert tickets and include the tickets cost, T-shirt, banners, food and beverages.

P2-1. At least one compound condition (AND, OR or NOT). You can use one of them, you do not need to use all of them.

P2-2. An Error-Validation loop.

P2-3. At least one other loop (in addition to the error-validation loop).

P2-4. At least one abbreviated incrementor (count++)

P2-5. At least one method. This method is to be written by you. It must receive an argument and return a value. This method must be located in the SAME class file as your project program. I cannot manage multiple files when I test your program.

P2-6. Display at least 1 image. You will need to upload this image along with your .java file, when you submit to Canvas otherwise, I will not be able to display your image when I run your program.
NOTE: You MUST name your image as pic1.jpg or I will not be able to view it.
See “ImageExample” in the Canvas module named “JAVA CODE EXAMPLES FROM PROF. EICHERS”.

P2-7. You must comment your code, as we do in class.

P2-8. Add another feature you want to include that is not on this requirement list. This needs to be something NEW that you have learned on your own, outside of class. Be creative.