Joseph Collins Article- Should Doctors Tell the Truth

In this paper the student should fully analyze Joseph Collins article Should Doctors Tell the Truth.

Joseph Collins Article- Should Doctors Tell the Truth


THE PAPER NAME IS : “Should Doctors Tell the Truth?” by Collins For this submission, you are required to turn in a 750-1 250 word essay on a paper of your choosing (anything assigned in the course) consisting of two parts:

Firstly,  a 250-500 word argument analysis.

Secondly,  a 250-500 word critical discussion. Writing Tips The critical discussion should raise substantive criticisms of the argument being discussed.

Thirdly, this will involve analyzing the structural soundness and truth / falsity of the argument.

Fourthly, does the author argue from false premises?

Then, do her premises not entail her conclusion?

Also, are there potential objections to the argument that the author does not consider?

Finally, do not write as if your audience already agrees with you.

Assume your audience has no previous experience with the topic and is skeptical about your argument. You have to convince them.

To write a successful critical discussion:

Firstly, consider how the skeptical reader might respond to what you say, and what you might say back to them in return.

Secondly, when you claim that an author said something, cite where they said it so that you avoid plagiarism.

Thirdly, both paraphrases and quotes should be accompanied by the author’s name, the date they wrote the article, and the page number you found the quote on.

Fourthly, be careful how you organize your paper. Make sure you present your ideas in the order that makes things clearest for the reader.

Finally, under no circumstances should you cram all your ideas into a single paragraph.

Detailed Instructions



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