Please let me know if you get confused / write 2 paragraph, Description of the community needs that will be addressed through your group’s service learning project. Find credible sources documenting the need for service and provide interesting statistics. We have to pick any community problems and reflect this on my college like how my college will help this problem you need to be specific not too broad. try to go even deeper in the reflection part. (I live in Albany NYyou need to be specific with my area think about what humans need exist in a community. II. What are the chronic problems of communities that get in the way of those needs ? III. What might your team propose that will improve a community and minimize the effects of chronic problems? Think how we will help this as group of people IV. Final Presentation : What you present as a solution will be clearly linked to a your ideas on empathy and problems and the sources that show it’s a real problem Is your solution workable, doable, practical, achievable? You will persuade us that it is. How? That will be the creative challenge . If the college or Albany is to be a better community, what exactly are the shared ideas that everyone understands? Are there shared ideas of community ? If not , then someone has to put forth the model of one