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Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Ethical and legal considerations in research are vitally important. The nurse has a professional responsibility to act as a patient advocate when serving in the researcher, professional caregiver, or research consumer roles. A nurse needs to have a solid understanding of the informed consent process and the many ways in which ethics must be prioritized when planning or conducting a research study. It is the responsibility of the nurse to promote environments for ethical research in which human rights are always at the forefront.

Garrett (2010) conducted a phenomenological exploration of lived space by child sex abusers. This investigation was published in Issues in Mental Health Nursing. While we must recognize that all of the details involved in the protection of human subjects may not make it into a journal article due to space limitations, it is important for the author to assure readers of the informed consent process, protections of privacy and confidentiality, and the risk/benefits of participation.


  1. Read the following article.
    • Garrett, L. H. (2010). . Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 31(12), 758762.
  2. After reading the article, use the table format (select to download the table with the questions you are expected to answer) to critically appraise the legal and ethical aspects of the study. If you are unable to answer a question, simply indicate that the information was not available in the publication.
  3. What other information would have been helpful to include in this article to ensure human subjects were protected?
  4. Summarize your critique and include ethical/legal concerns (150200 words).