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Subject: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Journal Entry 1 – due on Canvas Sunday, September 19 by 11:59pm. Read the directions carefully. Also, watch the journal mini lecture on Canvas under Kaltura Media Gallery. There is no prompt for this first journal entry. 

Journal Posts for each content unit (20% of final grade. Four in total worth 100 points each, 5% each). This is the place for you to discuss all things personal in terms of what we are covering in the course you can include personal reflections about the lectures, readings and viewings. You may share other thoughts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle media. Its your space to share. You may vlog or blog and/or both. I have found students like the option of using video to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Im the only one who will see/read your posts. These are not shared with other class members. The only items I would share are recommendations you make to me about other readings, viewing and examples that complement what we are discussing in class. I love it when students share examples of content including your own created content. I will remind you when these are due.

Here are the due dates for each journal entry: Journal 1 Sunday, September 19, Journal 2 October 10, Journal 3 October 31, and Journal 4 November 21. These are due on Canvas by 11:59pm.

The journal assignment is organized around each unit (meaning you may discuss all of the topics we have discussed in the unit or focus on one area specifically.) If you blog/write the journal assignment, the entry must be at least two (2) full pages, typed and double-spaced. If you decided to record a vlog, the recording must be at least three (3) minutes long. If you submit a vlog, please use the built-in recorder under Assignments on Canvas (see the mini-lecture for directions).  I may include a prompt for each journal entry to help you get started. Please spend time on the journal entries they are worth 20 percent of your final grade.

*So, basically you can talk about anything related to our class. Please read the lecture slides.