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Rough Draft must include the following components:
1. Abstract (250 words)
2. Introduction (150-250 words, less than 1 page)
a. Provide an overview outlining the significance of the issue related to your field of study.
b. Include thesis statement (argument about your proposed solution) as the last sentence of the introduction.
3. Literature Review section (5-6 pages or 1,250-1,500 words)
a. This section must be entirely written out in body paragraphs. This is based on the literature review
b. This section must include an evaluation of at least 2 sources that address cultural diversity and at least 2 ethical perspectives in the existing literature.
c. Conclude this section with a concise statement of the problem based on the literature.
4. Proposed Solution section (in the final draft this will be 5-7 pages or 1,250-1,750 words)
a. About half of this section (~2-3 pages) should be fully written in paragraph form.
b. The remainder can be in outline format. The outline must clearly specify what the body paragraphs main argument will be and some supporting evidence that will be used to support that argument.
c. Advocate for the most equitable, ethical solution to meet the needs of humanity.
d. Draw on scholarly sources from the previous section to substantiate your position.
5. Conclusion (150-250 words)
6. Reference List in APA format