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Katelynns Principle: Inquest into Youth Death in Child Protection
Paper details:
Based on the provided topics each student will be expected to choose one and will write a 5-page (double spaced; 12-point font) analysis of the case study with the use of themes and course materials. This analysis will include:

An identification of the main themes highlighted in the case study.

A discussion of the main problems of issues raised in the case study.

A discussion of the significance of the case study. How did it come about and why?

What is the relevance of the ideas in the reading to the field of Child and Youth Care?

What insights does it contribute to understandings problems/gaps/limitations to policy and practice in the field?

Analysis of the way in which the information impacts on your understanding of your role as a CYC practitioner and the way in which it can positively or negatively affect your skill development for the field.

Please ensure that you appropriately reference the reading/

Formatting/citation instruction:

This is a formal written submission. What this means is that students are required to use proper APA formatting for this assignment. [Please see APA PowerPoint support I provided to you, located on D2L] Your assignment must be between 1000-1500 words not including your title page, bibliography and citations (5-6 pages max i.e., 250 words/page). You should use no less than 5 and no more than 8 sources. Any more than 8 may be overwhelming and can take away from the larger analysis that you are contributing. You can draw on course materials for your scholarly sources as well. For an assignment this size your references must include scholarly texts for example journal articles, books, and books chapters, course readings.

A SUGGETED basic Formatting Structure of Your Essay Should Include the Following Elements:

Introduction (include a thesis statementrequired)
The Body of the Paper:

[Review of Relevant Texts/Research]

[Supporting Argument #1]

[Supporting Argument #2]

[Supporting Argument #3]
Summation/Analysis of the Relevance of the Topic:

A conclusion (required)

Suggested Academic Sources:

Below are suggested academic journals from which you can survey and access academic texts on the subject. Students may also survey google scholar for relevant materials on the topic.

Canadian Journal of Sociology

Canadian Journal of Political Science

Canadian Journal of Law & Society

Canadian Social Work Review

Native Social Work Journal

Canadian Journal of Education

Suggested Indigenous Representation Organizations:
Native Womens Association of Canada

Ontario Native Womens Association

First Nations Caring Society

Assemble of First Nations