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Development and validation of a tool to assess researchers knowledge about human research subjects rights and their attitudes towards research ethics education in Saudi Arabia
Paper details:
I need for Subject Bioethics (medical ethics) but i could not find in the subject field i choose Medical sciences but i need Bioethics expert please .

I need a revision, and I need to rewrite the introduction so that it has the same structure as the abstract (summary). Here are some comments that need to be taken into account.
“We need to talk more about the need for a questionnaire to assess such knowledge, why it is important for subjects (human subjects), what the goal of the questionnaire is, and the context in which you run the study and why. I believe it is important to specify the “dimension” of the study: it has been conducted in a facility in Saudi Arabia with a particular sample of medical researchers. This has to be highlighted in the introduction”.
Also, to review and edit the title of the study and the abstract (summary) parts. Some sentences in the introduction do not have a reference; please add it if needed.
I sent the entire manuscriipt in order to get a better understanding of my research; the request was only for the abstract and introduction.

I’ve attached the study’s questionnaire so you can get a better idea of its content and structure.
The manuscriipt will be submitted to the BMC Medical Ethics Journal for publication; please try to follow their policies and formatting guidelines.
My next step, after receiving the revised abstract and introduction and reviewing them, is to place another order for the methodology, discussion, and conclusion parts to be reviewed too.