Lab Format Guidelines: Triglycerides and LDL Cholesterol (revise)

Cover sheet (3 points) Include your first and last name, names of lab partners, date, lab exercise name and title, NFS 3101.01
Objectives (4 points) Restate the objectives (in your own words.
Raw data (20 points) Turn in the cholesterol data tables
Calculations (30 points) Show your calculations in determining Total Cholesterol and HDL-C. Equations are provided in the lab manual.
Conclusions (20 points) Discuss the results of the lab. This should be at least two paragraph with the major results discussed and interpreted. Were your calculated lab values above or below the normal values? Explain.
Assessment (5 points) Write about the new things you learned in the lab and what interesting things you found. This should be a small paragraph with at least 3 points.
Questions (18 points) Answer all questions (1-6)
so I uploaded lab report example, your report looks like exactly to that. I also uploaded table that you gonna use and make calculations with the values. good luck