Identify and conduct two (2) interviews at two (2) different organizations. You may interview two CEOs, managers, administrators, supervisors, or directors of a social work/human services agency or community organization and critically analyze their responses. In your analysis, make sure to integrate the theories and concepts of leadership that you’ve learned throughout this course, compare and contrast the two leaders and organizations, and provide a thorough analysis. Additionally, please ensure you ask the following questions of your interviewees:

1. How did the person progress to this leadership role educational, experiential, etc.?

2. What is the persons definition of a leader?

3. What positive traits and skills do they believe that a leader must possess in order to successfully accomplish their goals? Why?

4. What is their philosophy and type of leadership? In other words, how would they describe the theories they operate from?

5. Ask the person to identify a serious crisis or conflict they faced in their role as a leader and how they resolved the issue. What did they do well and what would they have done different?

6. What is their strategy for developing a strong organizational team?

7. Looking back on their leadership journey, if they could offer new leaders words of wisdom, what would they be and why?