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The learning chronicle at this time. Your chronicle entries by this point should total 5–7 pages, not including references. View the Leadership Learning Chronicle media piece for the questions and requirements for Parts 1 and 2. Refer to the Leadership Learning Chronicle Example for further guidance on what your learning chronicle should include. You have had course conversations on leadership styles, and the factors that affect your decision as to the style of leadership you might use in a given situation. These contextual factors include, for example, cultural diversity, levels of followers’ skill and development, generational differences, et cetera.


Create a subheading in your chronicle “Factors that affect leadership.”


Create a chronicle entry of 2–3 pages discussing a factor that affects a leader’s choice of leadership in a given situation. Note: This would include factors like diversity among followers, a virtual versus face to face environment, or other factors that influence how you lead. Include at least three scholarly sources. The text should not be considered a primary scholarly source, so focus on three key journal articles or other primary resources. Answer the following question in your learning log part 1:


New Awareness and Analytical Perspectives


What did you learn about leadership in Units 1 and 2?

What was the leadership factor that you found most interesting or important?

What is one idea that is most meaningful to you? List at least one scholarly source—journal article or primary reference (not from the textbook)—that informs you about this factor?

What is your critical analysis or evaluation of that journal article?

How have you gained insights? For example, what did you learn about this factor through the course room conversation or weekly summaries, or your own research that helped bring you new understanding?

Answer one of the following two application questions:

How might you apply what you learned about leadership factors in your own leadership (at work, in your family or community leadership or any other place where you sometimes lead)?

What actions might you take in the future related to factors of leadership (such as how you might lead in a virtual environment, or across different generations, or other factors that impact how leaders lead)?