·      Choose the leadership theory that you would most like to emulate.

·      Begin to research and gather at least 5 sources that are consistently peer-reviewed, timely, relevant, accurate, and authoritative to further define and articulate the theory.

·      Clearly defines the role of the nurse leader using the theory of your choice.

·      Includes a well-developed, and individualized plan for developing that leadership model as your own.

·      Support your plan to become an effective leader with significant and specific details.

  • Relate how you will incorporate lifelong learning and specify ways in which your leadership model will encompass the role of patient advocate. Be certain that the plan is individualized and supported by significant and specific details.

·       Incorporate into the paper ways in which you can transform bedside nursing utilizing the theoretical background to perform the role of nurse leader and patient advocate.

  • Communication and collaboration with the entire healthcare team as well as with administrators.
  • The use of structure, process, and outcomes related to the assessment of care and accreditation?
  • Goals for your future as a nurse leader
  • How you will use your chosen leadership theory
  • Incorporate Advocacy