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For this course, you will be assigned only one essay to write outside of class. For this essay, you will analyze one of the following characters: Oedipus, Creon, Antigone, Odysseus, or Circe (Kirke) as a leader. So this essay will be a character study, but you will be focusing on particular aspects of that character. Many of that characters traits will affect his or her abilities, style, and effectiveness as a leader, but some might not. If a trait is unrelated to leadership, do not discuss that in this paper. If your character appears in more than one book, you can refer to both books, but you dont need to.

Create an interesting title for your essay, something more than simply Odysseus or Leadership. Aim for a title that will indicate how your paper is unique. Begin your essay with an introduction that mentions the title and author of the book youre analyzing, briefly summarizes the plot, and includes a thesis that you will be proving throughout the paper. The most likely method of organizing your essay will be to discuss each character trait you analyze in a paragraph of its own. Then, when you move on to the next trait, discuss it in a separate paragraph of its own. You should not, in other words, follow the organization of the book(s) because then you will probably repeat yourself unnecessarily. But be sure to provide transitions between your paragraph so that your reader can see how the ideas in one paragraph are related to those in the next paragraph. Finally, write a conclusion that indicates how your reader might think differently about the text and character after reading your paper.

Try to develop your ideas as fully as you can. Continue asking yourself hat else there is to say. Include quotation, but be judicious. Each quotation you include should be memorable and should provide evidence for your thesis. Include parenthetical citations for each quotation and also for other specific references you make to the text. Include a bibliography relying on MLA format.

You will be graded on organization and development, grammar and mechanics, and the degree to which you fulfill the assignment. Although I grade holistically, if a paper is marred by frequent serious errors in grammar, that paper will not earn higher than a D. You cannot revise your paper after it has been graded, but I am happy to read and respond to early drafts, as long as you give me enough timeat least 48 hours before the final paper is due. You can also visit the Writing Center if you wish for additional feedback.